Anki automatic show answer and mark wrong

I want a macro
so that when i start to review a deck in Anki it should show answer (enabled by press of space key or mouse click on show answer button) after 20 second if i don’t press space key myself and than again
mark card as wrong (enabled by pressing key 1 or mouse click on button again) if i don’t mark as right(same keys as show answer)
hard (key 2 or mouse click on hard button)
easy ( key 4 or mouse click on easy button)
after 20 seconds
and keep repeating the same

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Guys , please help , it will benefit lot of people. :innocent:

this is what i have come up with till now , but problem is if i mark answer myself it will still keep going according to 20 sec timer and sometimes show me card just for few seconds and sometime too long .

Any if no button pressed and than excuse macro will work but i can't find such option , or any better input from you guys ?

Without actually knowing Anki, its hard to offer specific advice.

But general advice:

  • The Repeat action will repeat
  • You probably want various device key triggers to track the press of the space, 2 or 4 keys. You will find it difficult to detect the user clicking on the Hard or Easy button - you could have a device key trigger on the mouse click and detect the mouse X, Y and determine which button it is, but its probably easier to require that the keystroke be pressed.

So probably something vaguely like:

  • Repeat
    • Start Deck (Type Space?)
    • Pause 0.5 Seconds
    • Set variable “Something Happened” to 0
    • Pause until “Something Happened” is 1, Timeout after 20 seconds, don’t abort macro
    • If “Something Happened” is 0
      • Show Answer
      • Pause 20 seconds?

Something like that anyway.

There's an Anki plugin for this, but since plugins don't sync across computers (and often break due to updates), here's my simple macro. Note: you need to test if the title contains "Anki" so that this doesn't trigger in e.g. the "Add" or "Browse" windows.