Annotating Multiple Options in a Macro Definition

Feature Request

This is the situation that I've been trying to figure out how to annotate:


I would like to be able to attach comments to each of the images that I'm looking for here, to explain why each is in the list.

If I was writing Perl or JavaScript or C++ and I had a CASE construction, there would be a way to attach a comment to each option of the CASE so that I would be able to know and remember what each case was for.

Matching multiple images is not the only place where this kind of annotation would be helpful. KBM has many places where multiple options are supported, starting with multiple triggers for each macro. There are situations where having multiple triggers for a single macro is extremely useful and it would be useful to be able to annotate the individual options.


It would be nice to have some way of annotating each of the options to be able to make sense out of why I did it that way.

For another example, I can get any particular macro to appear in multiple Conflict Menus just by including the hotkeys for those menus as triggers for each of the macros. Some of the macros that appear in those Conflict Menus could also have their own, direct hotkeys. I would love to be able to annotate the macro to note what each of those triggers is for, where the notation is right next to the trigger in the macro definition. Right now I have to explain it all in a comment after the triggers are defined. That's just not as readable.

What do you think?

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