Announcement: Menuwhere 2.11 by Many Tricks

Hey Folks,

Many people have asked for Keyboard Maestro to support a menu-anywhere feature over the years.

Peter says this is on the to-do list, but there's no telling if/when it might happen.

There have been a number of utilities over the years that have supported this feature.

Better Touch Tool I believe is amongst them.

But there's a relatively new contender in town:

Menuwhere by Many Tricks Software


At $3.00 U.S. it's a steal.

I presently own licenses for 4 of their products:

  • Desktop Curtain (use often)
  • Leech (use often)
  • Name Mangler (use often)
  • Usher (don't use often on this hardware)

I'm testing Menuwhere.

I don't really need it on my current hardware (Mid-2012 13" MacBook Air), but when I finally get my 5K M1 Max iMac I'll be thinking seriously about adding it to my collection of productivity-ware.

And no – they're not compensating me in any way for my endorsement.



Thanks for posting this, Looks interesting. I also like Name Mangler :+1:t2:

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Thanks. I purchase it because I use an ultra widescreen with the Mac. It's a long travel to go to the menu bar all the time and this is extremely useful. The value add of this program is so straightforward!

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It's on the todo list. It may happen at some point.