Announcement of Weather Forecast

I have a macro that provides my wake-up alert and it announces the day and any birthdays that I've added to my calendar for the current date.

I'd like to modify the macro to also announce the weather forecast for the day. Is there a means to trigger Siri (or some other software) to announce the weather forecast without a verbal "Hey Siri" request?

can you share what you got so far.

You can run this in the command line:


example with shorter format:

 curl -s ''

I don't have anything to show or share regarding Siri and/or weather announcements. Also, my apologies, but I don't know what to do with what you've provided. If I enter it in an Execute Shell Script action, it doesn't trigger Siri to provide a weather forecast.

Please explain.

I examined your post again and realized you directed me to enter the command in Terminal! I see that it presents a weather forecast. Are you suggesting that I can then use that for an audible announcement of the weather forecast?

Thanks again.