Any experience with uBar and the Screenvisible command?

I'm trying the dock replacement app uBar, courtesy of Setapp, and really liking it.

In KM, I'm doing a lot of window management via "Move and Resize Window" macros, using the Screenvisible options. For height, I'm using the simple (main,height) setting. It is interestingly inconsistent with the uBar at the bottom. Some times it takes the uBar menu in account (as I would like) and sometimes it ignores the uBar strip and brings the window to the bottom of the screen, overlapping with the bar.

Any suggestions? I'm most confused by the inconsistent behavior, which is harder to troubleshoot than it simply not working!

Hey @richtack,

You haven't posted macros and conditions that demonstrate success/failure states, so no one can help you troubleshoot.

My best guess is that uBar is misreporting the screen-visible space to the system under some circumstances, but without more information it's just a guess.


Chris, I was going to post, but I wasn't sure what to show. The macro is simply:

I'll try to do a screen recording of the behavior!

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