Any photographers here? KM makes Lightroom 1000x better


Photographer here. I've used KM to make editing significantly faster. Exposure, contrast, highlights/shadows, etc, all bound to keys on my KB. If you're a photographer, let me know and I'll send this through to you.


I would be interested, thank you. Couldn't you post macros here so anyone interested could use them?


Sure, Thanks.


Ok cool, so here's the deal.

The macros effectively move the cursor over to the setting you want to change, and then press up/down. You'll see some settings are "0.1", and some are "0.3". This is changing settings in 0.1 stop or 0.3 stop increments.

So what you'll need to do is with every single adjustment, you'll need to go into the "Move mouse" action, and adjust the coordinates of where the cursor needs to go. So obviously with the exposure adjustments, for example, you'll go into the "Move Mouse Cursor" action, and click "get" to "get the coordinates, and in the 5 seconds it gives you, just move the cursor over to the middle of the exposure slider.

The Macros enable themselves automatically when you're in the develop module.

Also, I like to edit with my right side panels in Solo mode, and you might have to enable that as well.

I also like to edit with the Module picker and Histogram hidden. So what the macros will do is first check that all of those things are hidden. This ensures that the coordinates of the sliders are always in the correct place. Before enabling this, my macros wouldn't work if the histogram was down, for example.

The Macros also account for whether or not you're working on a single display or dual display. In my case, I work on a MacBook when I'm on the road, and then have an external display when I'm NOT on the road. So each macro will first check to see what the display situation is, and then use the relevant coordinates. You'll need to define those as well.

Let me know if anyone needs help.

I've been using these macros for about 3 or 4 years, and they've made my editing process overwhelmingly faster.

Macros here:

Lightroom Shortcuts.kmlibrary (11.9 KB)


Macros posted below.


You might want to post them as a new topic in the Macro Library category.

Generally it is a good idea to post any general purpose macros there - there is almost always someone else who has a similar problem to solve.


Will do!