Any speed difference between storing Clipboards or Variables?

Newbie question I’m sure.
I’ll be setting numerous ‘variables’ from within Filemaker Pro (FMP)
I understand I could use clipboard history but different sequences will have different numbers of ‘variables’ and the clipboard history would be hard to track, and any changes down the road adding or subtracting a FMP ‘variable’ could cause me pain re-tooling the macro.
So down to storing the clipboard to a variable or a named clipboard for later use (quickly used, not over a long period of time).
I do have clipboards storing to disc (pref on) so I get that they are ‘stored’.

  • Is there any speed difference or performance difference between the two.
    Sometimes I could be quickly storing 30-40 ‘variables’ to carry them over to another application or a browser interface to enter them as needed.
    Just wanted to get some input before I take off on re-working my old QKeys library into brand new KM macros.
  • whether to carry them ‘over’ as variables or clipboards?
    Much appreciated
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Generally, variables are much lighter weight than clipboards. Whether you can notice any difference in performance is a very open question, but I would use variables over clipboards unless you need to store style information or images or the like (anything non-text).

I presume you mean “Save Clipboard History to Disk” - that apples only to the clipboard history, and only when you quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine. So it does not affect performance.

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great, thanx