Any way to attach a large document?

I have a large Markdown document I would like to post, but it seems more appropriate to post a brief summary of it with a reference to where to find it. Is there any way to do that? Something like the way images are uploaded and referenced?

I want the reference to be to a document on the site. First of all, not everyone has a way to display markdown on their Mac (such as MacDown), or if they do they may not know about it. Second, I don’t want people to have to download a document and deal with it on their computer, I think it belongs here. Finally, and most importantly, it is a document that will change over time.

If you think it’s worthwhile to post, then I would think you might as well post it in its entirety. This forum’s software supports Markdown natively, so you can just paste the contents it into a post (in Chrome - not sure how to do it in Safari).

Yes, Markdown wasn’t the issue, it’s the size and evolution of the document with which I was concerned, also possibly to avoid searches hitting it, since it mentions a lot of languages and software (though maybe hitting it would be appropriate because of that).

You could upload a zip file. You can replace it in the post whenever you have changes. Again, this is easy to do in Chrome, not sure about Safari.

And obviously this is stored on the forum’s server.

Doesn’t github let you post documents in Markdown format?

The issue wasn’t Markdown. I can put the file in whatever format makes sense. I was thinking Markdown because I can use that for posts here. github is a good idea, but the document is actually a proposal for a set of Wiki pages that people could edit. Can we set up a separate Wiki that doesn’t require someone to be a “Wiki Editor” to edit? Ideally this would be a separate Wiki than the KM Wiki – does Discourse support multiple Wikis?

It wouldn’t be out of the question for me to run my own Wiki for this.

Alright, here’s the beginning of the document: A Proposal for a Collection of Resource Pages

If your document/proposal is not directly related to Keyboard Maestro, then I'd suggest that you setup your own GitHub, wiki, or whatever site you like, and post the material there.

If you want something simple, you could even post your document in a pubic (read-only) DropBox folder.

It is inherently related to KM because it would largely be a curation of resources mentioned in KM posts and Wiki pages, plus very similar things that those suggest.

It's wouldn't be a document, and it wouldn't be simple — it would be a live, editable, organized collection. The large document to which I was referring was a more detailed proposal plus an preliminary topic outline. Even that isn't really a document, since if we got started on this it would be good for others to add to the outline early on. Github or Dropbox is entirely unsuitable for dynamic communal resource collection and organization.

This is the same conversation we are having at:

So, I'm going to close this topic, and refer everyone to the above topic.