Any Way To Freeze/Refresh Screen

Is there any way to freeze screen drawing (at the beginning of a window movement/resize) & refresh screen draw when it's finally in place? If my memory serves me, you could do that in HyperCard scripts (this is an ancient memory) ... is there any way to do screen freeze/redraw via Keyboard Maestro or even AppleScript via Keyboard Maestro?

I have three displays and I have scripts set up to move an apps window to a certain display on launch or activation. I've tried using Mission Control to place the windows on the proper display, but it gets confused after each reboot, and items I've chosen to be on display 2 will end up on display 3.

Because of this I've gone back to using Keyboard Maestro to do my window placement bidding. Just wish there were a more elegant way so when the window move macro for any app is run, I don't need to see the actual movement, but only the end result.

Does that make any sense? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face: