Any Way to Have Keyboard Maestro Ctrl-Click on the Apple Mail Email Title (For the Share Option), Any Other Alternatives?

Hi all

it seems like the only (idiotic...) way to get the share menu to appear in apple mail is to ctrl-click on the apple mail email title and then get the share option menu..

anyone know how to utilize Keyboard Maestro to do so? or any other alternatives to get to the mail share menu?

thanks so much in advance


Interesting. I can't find access to share in any menu item either. I just tried opening Mail in the Script Editor and couldn't find support for AppleScript in that app.

Actually, there is a keyboard shortcut to bring up that pop-up menu, without requiring clicking the mouse, but you still have to move the mouse to the spot where the clickable location is, so that kinda defeats your purpose, right? So you don't need to know the keyboard shortcut then, because it won't really help you.

Those things (AppleScript and menu shortcuts) would be the most reliably ways to address your requirement, but unless one of the wizards on this site can correct me on the above conclusion (and that's certainly possible) your only way to access that menu item is to create a KM macro to CTRL-click using the mouse. Once you've clicked on that menu item, you can use KM to send keystrokes to select the submenu items. (Did you know that keyboard shortcuts work there?) However I don't have anything to choose from under Share because I've never set that up.

So that's pretty annoying. But at least it's a path forward. There are smarter people than me on this website and there's a 50% chance they can give you a better solution, but this is the best I can come up with right now. I'm confident this solution will work, if you want to pursue it. But I agree, it's not ideal.

thx so much @Sleepy for your insight!

let see if there are other ideas as i agree with you this isn't ideal :smiley:
thx so much for your kind help


I agree, let's wait.

But at least we have a way forward. I'm confident that it can be done. It's just messy.

Any other ideas anyone?