Any way to keep dock always on the same monitor and still use 'spaces'?

Hi team,
I'm using two ext. monitors including my mac built-in one in the center. I hate it when I go to the other monitors and put the mouse down and the docking bar moves there. Apparently this can be stopped with disabling spaces in the mission control by unchecking the "Displays have separate spaces" option. What I don't like about this solution though is that I'm losing the top bar, which I like having everywhere. I've found that another possibility is just to set the dock bar to be left or right, but this moves it to the ex monitor spaces and I do like it at the bottom.

Long story short - is it doable in any way to have the middle ground - keep the dock always on the Mac monitor on the bottom without moving itself to the others ones and to keep my top menu bar everywhere.

Thanks for anyone that might have any ideas