Any way to use Siri on the Mac to call a KM macro?

Any way to use Siri on the Mac to call a KM macro? I searched for Siri in the Wiki and didn't find any entries. Thanks.

I believe @Sleepy has experience of this. Search for his posts here in the forum.

thank you for the fast reply! His comments were on using Dictation. I was wondering if we could use Hey Siri, Macro A , and have KM execute Macro A on the mac.

Sorry - my bad. Have you searched the KM forum for “Siri macro”?

Yes, only topic is from 2018. Monterey comes with the Shortcuts app now, and I thought there was a cleaner interface between it and KM

Maybe someone who can actually help you will chime in!

I think I posted how to do this 8 days ago. It's a small detail in the middle of the post on voice triggers. You can get Shortcuts to activate KM macros using a certain shortcuts action which is explained in the post...

However my post also implies that there might be other ways to send signals. I suppose I can try to remember if there are simpler ways.

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I think @appleianer also has posted some stuff related to using Siri.

I've been using Talon to use voice commands and trigger KM macros too. Recommended, and less CPU intensive than macOS Dictation

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Hi @thankful_dude you can trigger KM macros as well as Siri shortcuts via macOS voice commands. "Hey Siri" does not work there.

For the KM macros please use the URL...

There are 2 variants for the execution of Siri shortcuts. Once "run" and then "open".
If there are spaces in the name of your Siri shortcut you have to set "%20".





To set up the voice command here is a


Attention: if you click on video, you will get the video in a better resolution

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An imperfect but easy way to do it is to go thru Stream Deck. I have buttons on my stream deck that fire off KM macros (pro tip, the KM Link Stream Deck plugin seems to work much better than Stairways own Stream Deck plugin). From there you can put those buttons on your phone or tablet’s Stream Deck iOS app (subscription unfortunately) and any button on your Stream Deck can be mapped to a Siri shortcut on your phone.

I have tons of Siri shorcuts for my KM macros going thru Stream Deck. But there are quirks, like the computer has to be on (not asleep) and running the Stream Deck software and your phone or tablet has to be on the same network and unlocked. And it only works on a device running the stream deck app, it won’t fire off from Siri on a computer or a home pod to the best of my knowledge.

And your shortcuts won’t carry over to other devices properly. I created a million stream deck shortcuts on my iphone and on my ipad they didn’t work even though both run the app and have the same buttons and profiles. You can only have it on one device really, I would’ve had to add them all from scratch on the ipad and delete the old ones so the commands don’t conflict.

But it works pretty well overall I use it a lot. It just opens the app and hits the button for you so you can map it to literally anything.