Anybody used KM with Chrome successfully?

Evaluating KM for our organistion to see if we can use it to automate software testing via Chrome but getting all sorts of inconsistancys.

I’ve disabled adblock & ghostery (just in case) but still seem to be getting almost random results.

The main problems are around selecting radio buttons (using “Click Google Chrome Link”) by ID attribute. Sometimes they work, other times, totally ignored but the macro carry’s on and gets in a right mess resulting in having to unload KM and KM Engine processes.

I’ve tried and alternatives like setting focus to the radio button using “document.forms[0][“xxx”]” (which works) but then “type the space key” does not select it and I’m back to unloading etc…

Clicking buttons by id, name or submit seems to be a problem as well!

Any ideas? completely puzzled if it’s something I’m doing wrong or we need to be using Safari? at the point of trialing another product

thanks in advance and hopefully that makes sense!

All the Chrome actions work by executing an AppleScript request to Chrome, usually one that simply runs a JavaScript in the window.

In my experience, Chrome is not always that reliable as far as executing AppleScripts and/or JavaScript via AppleScripts.

There is nothing magical about the actions themselves, they just apply the various requests to the DOM. They are relatively complex, but only because they are very general, searching through items trying to find entries buy name or ID, etc, because web pages are far from consistent.

If you want to do automate software testing, I would strongly suggest you go straight to JavaScript yourself directly. Rather than use the more specific actions, since you have specific use cases on a specific web site, use JavaScript yourself. You can also then ensure that you return a known value from your JavaScript when you succeed, and easily detect the case where the result is not correct.

Hi Peter and thanks for your answer.

Shame really as having tried so many others, I thought this “was the one” - think I’ll buy a licence for my own personal use though as I can still make a lot of use of it


I see there is a Chrome action for “Set Google Chrome Radio Button”. That seems to fit what you need exactly.