Anyone Add/Edit Items to Notion Using KM?

Hi. Has anyone been able to trigger Notion actions (by way of its API) from a Mac (triggered using Keyboard Maestro)?

The basic application I want to write is to create a new database entry, specifying the fields.

A more advanced application would take as input a link to a particular page or database item. It would read the fields on that item then update some of the fields in the item based on some process.

I've seen some sample code for the Notion API using Python or Javascript, neither of which I know. I'm hoping someone can share a way to do this in Applescript, which I do know. Or at least show me how to trigger code in whatever language in Keyboard Maestro and show me how to add the parameters I need.

Thanks for your help


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Hey Saul,

I'll be surprised if you get much help with this, because I'm doubtful that anyone on the forum is using Notion at that level.

However this example is just a shell script running curl, and Keyboard Maestro Execute a Shell Script Action can run that all day long.

I think you've set yourself a high learning curve, but the task is doable.