Anyone else using Keyboard Maestro with MIDI and/or Lemur?

I am hoping to transition my macros for controlling various music applications from QuickKeys to Keyboard Maestro.

Part of my workflow is using Lemur running on an iPad to trigger via MIDI many QK macros controlling Finale (music notation). Unfortunately Keyboard Maestro’s MIDI support is very basic compared to QK and will require rethinking many things.

Would like to compare notes with anyone else using MIDI and or Lemur.


I have some basic things like tool selection working now with Lemur and Finale 2014.


Peter pointed out an undocumented feature with Keyboard Maestro MIDI - if you click on the MIDI note value field it is in ‘listen’ mode and you can set the note value by sending it a MIDI note from whatever MIDI device you are using to control KM.

You need to change Finale default MIDI input device settings - it enables all devices by default, so it will react to MIDI note data from Lemur while you’re in entry mode unless you go into MIDI device setup and uncheck “Auto-Detect Input Devices”, then select your main MIDI controller in the pop-up menu below.


I too am making the switch slowly, it will probably take more than a year to get all my macro’s over to Keyboard Maestro. MIDI was one of the biggest reasons I stayed so long with QuicKeys, though QuicKeys would often hang with too much MIDI data. Anyway what I am using with Keyboard Maestro to achieve some of the things I did with QuicKeys is MIDI Pipe and Apple’s IAC to convert to CC messages and other messages. Unfortunately Keyboard Maestro doesn’t care about receiving CC messages or the second data byte’s value so in a lot of ways it is really quite kludgy to piece together and more trouble then it is solving.

I am using Metasystem on iPad and also Launchpad Mini with artist tape on top of the buttons as a low-cost expander :slight_smile:
I use it with Dorico and Sibelius.