Anyone have experience using the Logitech G604 Mouse with KM?

With 15 programmable buttons, it's mighty tempting, although its G Hub software is supposed to be terrible...

Curious to hear from anyone who's had experience with it or one of Logitech's similar mice.

I'm not sure if KM can register clicks from all of the Logitech 604's buttons, but I imagine it's possible to assign keys to these buttons in G Hub, and then in turn use those keystrokes as triggers in KM?

I also have an Elgato Stream Deck, which I really like, but I find that mice are particularly great for triggering tasks that I'm performing repeatedly over the course of the day, as the triggers are literally right in my hand.

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I have a Logitech G602 (only 11 buttons) and I love it. You can absolutely set it up to trigger any of your KM macros.

The only downside to the version I have (and maybe they've fixed this in the G604) is the scroll clicker thing needs some refreshing now and again because it tends to gather dust particles which makes clicking... a workout lol. Sometimes I have to smash the thing down to get it to work but then it goes into overdrive and clicks like 8 times (I have it set up to insert a comma, so it goes ,,,,,) Still, I bought a backup mouse for when this one dies because I just can't imagine trying to function without all my little copy/paste/tab quick clicks.

On the 602 you can set up different "profiles" for the mouse depending on what you're doing, so you can further customize your macros that way as well. Just have to have the muscle memory to remember which is which if you're switching frequently.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, @mu.min! How did you go about setting up your G602?

Do you use it directly with KM? (And if so, does KM successfully register clicks from all its buttons?)

Or do you use it with G Hub? (I've read really bad things about G Hub.)

Or do you use a combination, where you attach keystrokes, e.g. F13-F20, to the buttons in G Hub, and then use those keystrokes as triggers in KM?

To be quite honest, I'm pretty technically challenged, and I have no idea what G Hub is lol. I set up my mouse a couple of years ago and haven't changed it since, and I no longer use the profile that had some of my macros in it.

But what I did is program each mouse button with hotkeys or keystrokes per my use case. I mostly use the simple ones like Cmd C, Cmd V, etc., not macros per se. For setting up KM macros, all you'd have to do is set the KM macro to trigger via hotkey (it can be something totally absurd like Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + Shift + ') and then program your mouse buttons to that "hotkey", then when you press the button on your mouse, your KM macro will trigger.

I hope that makes sense and answers your question.

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Yep! That makes sense.

I guess what I was asking is which application you use to program your mouse. Is it Logitech software, like G Hub? Or do you use third-party software, like Steermouse? It sounds like you might not remember, in which case no worries.

My other question is whether your mouse would have worked without you having to set up hot keys, i.e. directly through button clicks. That, of course, depends on whether KM was registering the mouse's button clicks.

I used Logitech's built-in software. I don't remember it being called G-Hub, but maybe? I did not use a 3rd party software, I know that much.

I'm not sure what you mean by directly through the button clicks, sorry. I set up hotkeys and typed string triggers because that works for my technically simplistic mind, heh.

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FWIW, I use the Logitech "Logi Options" software with my Logitech MX Ergo Trackball and have not had any issues with it, unlike the old LCC (Logitech Control Center) which created problems.

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FYI—G-Hub is the gaming version of Logitech's driver software.

Thanks, @JMichaelTX. I think, as far as Logitech software goes, the G604 might only work with G Hub. (The mouse is part of their gaming product line, so it might be different from the Trackball.)

However, instead of using G Hub, I'm consider giving third-party software, most likely Steermouse, a try instead of using Logitech software.

Curious if any folks, like @Jim, have any experience and notes on this front?

Also, the ideal would be for the mouse's buttons to register directly in KM, without having to set up separate hot keys for the mouse's buttons, e.g. F13-F20, which is what I have to do with G Hub, it seems.

I just bought a new G502 Lightspeed mouse. I wanted a wireless gaming mouse with many buttons. Keyboard Maestro does not recognize the buttons natively (unlike the SteelSeries mouse that I moved away from). I am using the G-Hub software, and other than two bugs (both related to quitting the software), it is working well.

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Update: Although the G-Hub software is far from intuitive, I was able to finally figure out how to download my settings from G-Hub software into the G502's onboard memory profile.

What this means is—I used to have to keep the G-Hub software running for the mouse customizations to work. Now, I can quit G-Hub and the mouse works great.

One less app taking up system resources and G-Hub now doesn't clutter my Mac's menu bar. Hooray!

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Nicely done! I'm thinking of getting rid of G Hub altogether and trying out Steermouse with my G604. Just haven't had the chance to do it yet.

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