Anyone heard from Christopher Stone?

Has anyone heard from Christopher (Chris) Stone, @ccstone, lately?

I haven't seen anything posted by him for about a year. I sent an email to the address I have for him about 4 days ago, and I haven't heard anything back. I just remembered right now that I have a phone number for him, so I just called it, and got his voicemail.

I'm actually quite worried about him. I have a bad feeling about this.

If anyone knows what's going on, I'd appreciate it if you posted something here. Thanks.

In case you don't know who he is, he's contributed as much to this forum as anyone in existence, except perhaps for @peternlewis. You can use the forum search to search for @ccstone, to see the volume of his contributions.

Here's the header of one of his typical AppleScripts, which may jog your memory:

# Auth: Christopher Stone
# dCre: 2015/07/25 03:06
# dMod: 2015/07/25 03:14
# Appl: Keyboard Maestro & System Events
# Task: Set Focus to Macro List
# Libs: None
# Osax: None
# Tags: @Applescript, @Script, @System_Events, @Keyboard_Maestro, @Focus, @Macro_List


Dan, I’m similarly concerned.

Last summer I sent Chris a PM. I was hoping everything was okay with him and he was just taking a well-deserved and long overdue break from the forum.

Unfortunately I’ve not heard back. I’ve also noticed that Chris has been absent from the ScriptDebugger forum.


I will try to contact him to see if he's ok.


Hi Dan, can you please contact me privately, e.g. at Thanks in advance! Hans


I too noticed he was absent, even some time back, and sent him a PM, but never heard back. I hope he’s doing ok.


Following. He's been so helpful over the years.


I've heard back from Christopher. He's had some medical issues which are making participation in the forum difficult, but he's otherwise more or less ok which is definitely a relief.


Thanks for that great news @peternlewis - a real comfort to know that.


WOW! Thanks for that. I'm so relieved!

If you talk to him again, tell him we miss him, love him, and pray for him to be fully well.