Anyone tried the new Stream Deck 5.0 update with the KM plugins yet?

Hi to all,

I'm a bit dubious about downloading the Steam Deck 5 upgrade in case this breaks anything in the two KM plugins. I'm using both the official plugin and the KM Link one.

Can anyone confirm if there are any known issues


I'm using the KM Link one with no problems after the update.

To let you know that tonight the KM Link plugin stopped working and it is not available to download via the SD Plugins Store (now built-in to the SD app). @corcules

I had to uninstall it from the SD configurator and then reinstall it using the com.corcules.kmlink.streamDeckPlugin file. After that, it all seemed to work again!

Thanks for the info. I think I'll hold off installing the update to v5.0 for now. There's nothing in the 'new features' that I can't already do with the existing software. The whole new store front for plugins did make me think that they may be following in Apple's footsteps with the walled garden concept around the App Store.

I accidentally downloaded it and forgot how many KMs I have attached to it.

No issues on 5.0 on latest Big Sur for me.

keyskmeys, are you using the official KM plugin or the KM Link one?


Kmlink is now available via the new SD plugin Store and is working fine with Big Sur.

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Updated without any problems (KM Link).

sorry for the delay.

KM Link.

But I have the official installed as well. I don't use it though.