Anyway to get selected channel/track name without clicking, or doing anything on screen for Studio One or Logic

im trying to get the current track name and have it input input into KM. I figure if third plugins like Wavesfactory Cassette can do this, there got a be a way with with KM

Im trying to do this without any clicking, or on screen prompts, maybe using the xml file, or the way that the daw does it when it displays the channel /track name on at the top of the plugin window

I have a feeling you'll be able to get what you need from this thread:

  • Rename track
  • Copy
  • Escape


hey noisenell, thanks for the solution, but im sorry I wasn't specific enough in a my initial posting. Can you look at it again after I've edited? would appreciate any ideas you can help me with

I can't speak for Studio One, but Logic Pro is barely scriptable, so the method I suggested above is your best bet, as far as I'm aware.

Get Track Name.kmmacros (47 KB)

Macro screenshot

Thanks noisneil! this will be sufficient for now

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