Anyway to launch a wifi sync to an iOS device

Hi all

i would like to automate wifi sync of my playlists to several of my iOS devices

any knows of a way to automate this? is there a way to trigger a wifi sync in finder?

thx alot


There is no sync interface via CLI on macOS that I can find, and no AppleScript verbs that I can find regarding syncing for Finder (this is Catalina, you might check the script dictionaries in Big Sur).

However, iMazing has a CLI interface that claims it would do what you wanted with some "Do Shell Script" macro actions. Be aware, iMazing is a third party app and not free, but does provide some awesome additional features beyond the built-in macOS ones (incremental automatic daily backups to local devices via WiFi, for example). It also looks like the CLI is only available on request, so, YMMV.

Of course, you could probably automate playlist syncing via iMazing directly, depending on what you needed and how frequently, without having to go through Keyboard Maestro (heck, if you wanted to get real crazy, you could do GUI scripting via KM to drive iMazing, click buttons, etc...)

I suspect device syncing is pretty locked down; there certainly aren't any built-in KM actions for this, so it will have to be AppleScript or shell script actions.

(disclaimer, I've got nothing to do with iMazing and I am in no way being compensated for this, I'm just a reasonably satisfied user).