App not detecting keyboard maestro keystrokes and mouse clicks

Recently I've started playing a game called Stardew Valley on my Mac and during a session, I've come up with a fabulous idea to automate one thing. I immediately got to work on the macro but after the first test, I realized that the game hardly ever detects the keystrokes and mouse movement or clicks that the macro does. And here comes my question, what can cause this type of behavior from an app? Is it because most games have their own cursors instead of the hardware one?
I remember about a year ago I wanted to automate something in Minecraft in my world but it also wasn't detecting the mouse movement, it would only update the cursor position after you physically moved your mouse.

If you know anything about this, let me know!

Is the macro in a group that's active when the app is in focus?

It sure is!
For instance, I was simply testing sending messages on chat. Bind to open chat is "T" so I made the macro to type the keystroke "T" but it wasn't opening the chat, but when I opened the chat myself and used the macro it was typing the "t" into the chat

Post one of your misbehaving macros here so we can see if anything is amiss.

The macro is not complicated at all, but the app is still not detecting the keystrokes.

When I use the macro in the game it doesn't do anything but after I open the chat manually and use it once again you can clearly see that it types the "T" keystroke and inserts the text

Not sure if this matters but change “this device key” to ignoring modifiers.

Hmm, not sure what that could be. Odd that it does complete when you switch windows; I'd expect the macro simply to run or fail as there are no pauses. Bit stumped, I'm afraid.

Instead of using T as a way to bring the pop up can you do you it from menu bar of your game?

I have this same issue but with meta keys on ARD. It's a nightmare!

What's ARD? Where do you have the same issue?

I don't understand what you mean, I created this topic because an app wasn't reading the keystrokes as it should and I was wondering what can cause it

Apple remote desktop. Have issues getting the Command/alt/ctrl buttons working through remote desktop, but works fine when I manually input. Very strange!

Well... it has just popped up for some reason