App Shortcuts

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Does anyone know where the System Preferences > Keyboard > App Shortcuts are stored?

I have a few of those configured to a bunch of apps and wanted to copy those to a new Mac.

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They're stored in the the user defaults preferences .plists specific to each application. If you open up Terminal and enter the command:

defaults find NSUserKeyEquivalents

it'll probably bring up most, if not all, of the app shortcuts spread across the various different .plist files, but all under the same key NSUserKeyEquivalents.

The files are stored at ~/Library/Preferences (on High Sierra, at least). You can just copy the relevant .plist files for each application—there's no particular need to extract the specific key—although it'll obviously copy over a host of other settings from your current system that get stored in those files on a per-application basis.



You're awesome. I've found them!

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