App Translocation Warning with KBM 10

Have just upgraded to KBM 10. Still on OS Big Sur.
Keep getting App Translocation warning which is preventing it from loading at startup. It is telling me to move it to the Applications folder, but it is already in the Applications folder. I have removed an old copy and reinstalled a fresh one but the message persists.
Also getting Screen Recording Error message. Again following the instructions to add it to allowed items doesn't seem to resolve the problem.
Any help appreciated.

Odd. Suggestions below

That’s related to the translocation issue.

Two ways to (potentially) fix it

The easier way

Go to /Applications/ and right-click / control-click on the app, then choose open:

The harder way

If that doesn’t work, quit the app, launch and try this:

xattr -r -d '/Applications/Keyboard';echo $?

If you get a 0 (zero) at the end of the command, it worked as expected.


Thanks. For the record the first fix didn't work but the second using Terminal did.

The Screen Record warning is still present mind despite couple of attempts to remove and re-add. Less of a problem since I don't use this feature but the warning is annoying.

Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 13.44.41