Appending Date and Time to a Screenshot. -

I'd like to append the date and time to the screenshot that is taken, can't seem to get it. Nothing gets appended, I'm missing something.

Screen Shot of Front Window TEST.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

In your macro, you are trying to append the date/time, which is text, to a file that is an image format. That will never work. If you want the date/time to show on the actual image, then you will have to do some image editing.

Do you want to just append the date/time to the file name for the saved screenshot?

Yes, and I think I may have gotten it.

/Users/troykrueger/Dropbox/Screenshots/Screenshot %ICUDateTime%EEE, MMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss%.png

Another way possibly?

For me to learn, is there a way to append and image file's text name?

I would not use that date/time format because it contains colons (":"), which are used as folder/file delimiters.

Here is a good format for file names from the KM Wiki Date/Time Formats:

Looks like this:

The long number at the end includes milliseconds in day, which will ensure a unique file name. Adjust as you see fit.

EDIT:  2017-01-16  6:29 PM CT

To be clear, here is what I am suggesting.
File Name:
`~/Documents/Screenshots/Screenshot %ICUDateTime%yyyy-MM-dd-HHmmssA%.png`

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/6/600f28349939ab4a6d6273d8319beebf533d4f64.png" width="633" height="267">