Apple accessibility keyboard and switch control

I've been using the accessibility keyboard, and switch control to build custom keyboards and custom panels with custom buttons, since these are MacOS features no additional software is needed.
i create custom buttons to trigger KBM macros, but I use the trigger by key options.
since this is native apple feature, and its a great (free) replacement for Elgato Stream Deck. I'd like to suggest a tighter integration keyboard Maestro with apple accessibility keyboard and switch control.
KBM managed to have integration with Stream Deck. but I believe that Apple Switch control and custom panels are a much better option, also its free, and as an added bonus can in fact be a great feature for people with actual accessibility.

Welcome, Nelo!

I'm really intrigued by what you're saying here. I teach accessibility in electronic documents and computer systems, and I'm (obviously) Mac-based. I'd be interested in talking to you about this idea in great depth, if you have time. Please DM me.