Apple Keynote Export Presentation Macro

I have a Macro that works but for some reason was glitching yesterday. While I suspected i had to do with moving the application window from its default because I have two move and click commands for a dropdown menu and the last one selects a radio button you can't see until after the dropdown menu change reveals the custom settings. But it is set to do "Top Left Corner of the Front Window" so testing today it works but thought it would be cleaner and likely work 100% if written without mouse clicks.

Tab does not select the dropdown menu. Curious if I can automate the dropdown and the radio button selections so they aren't using screen position clicks similar to how I see safari fields document.forms automation here on the forum.

Thanks for any advice!


Have you tried using AppleScript?


Hey Clif,

Yes you can with AppleScript UI-Scripting, but that's not for the faint of heart...

If you can do your export with AppleScript then that's the way to go.

But I won't guarantee you can get all of the export options you want.

If I were you, I'd start out by using a Found Image condition to base my clicks on.

That shouldn't take you very long to accomplish.

After that if you really want to pursue either the direct AppleScript solution or the UI-Scripting solution I can probably help.


Thanks for the tip, yes AppleScript is probably better. Thanks for the links.
Automator doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. I used the Record my Moves feature but even changing the playback speed of the clicks and changes, my KM script is much faster. On these automating sites, seems a good amount of the actions available for Automator to use as a starting point are gone. Below was taken from the site of actions that use to be in Automator I guess vs. what I see now in Mohave.

Thank you Chris, I wasn't aware of the Found Image condition but if not this particular task, something I'm going to play around with this condition for are some Adobe application tools that only exist as button in a window/tool palette and not in the menus. Looking forward to playing around with that!

I just stumbled on this post, because I was trying to do a similar thing. Yes, you can automate this dialog with Keyboard Maestro without resorting to AppleScript. Try this:

Very elegant Michael. I'll have to try that out next time I'm back in the office. Keep thinking I should bring my StreamDeck box home cause I sure miss having my Adobe buttons here when working at home!

I can’t live without my Stream Deck. Love it!

By the way, under System Preferences | Keyboard | Shortcuts, you must check the option at the bottom of the window that says “Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls.” Mine was already checked, but I had to uncheck it and re-check it to get it to work.

I've had to toggle off / toggle on a handful of OS settings after the upgrade to Catalina. Not sure what went wrong. Not just toggle but one that comes to mind was a dropdown selector in Apple's Archive Utility. Had to change the Save archive: from into same directory as files being archived to something different and back to get it to work that way again. Not sure what happened with the OS update to make that happen as turning something off and back on against certainly doesn't seem a typical/normal fix.