Apple Music Jump to position within Song

I've looked over the AppleScript documentation looking for a way to jump to say the 30 second mark of the currently playing song, but if its there I cannot find it.

I have to preview and review a lot of music in a single sitting and prefer to jump into a song to get a better feel for the music/song itself. Right now I haver to use the mouse to click on the play progress bar manually each time I play a song. I know it seems trivial, but after the 40th or 50th song in a session, it becomes tedious.

I'd like to add a keystroke that will place the current play head to the 30 second mark. Anyone seen this done? Is there soemething I'm missing as a feature in Apple Music?

Your insights and help always apreciated.

Here is a way to jump to the 30" point in the currently playing song in Music, using AppleScript.

EXAMPLE Apple Music Go to 30".kmmacros (2.2 KB)


Thanks, I was looking to make the solution more difficult than it need to be. This is great. Thanks you.

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