Apple Music Menus, Commands in Monterey

Hi, Forum Folk,

In Apple Music in MacOS Big Sur, I had a KM macro assigned to Cmd-S, which changed a Playlist View to "Songs."

Since Monterey, in Music, Cmd-S is assigned by default to "Burn Playlist To Disc" in the "File" menu.


1) Shouldn't KM override the key assignment in an application?
**2) In KM, as I'm trying to re-work the macro using the Action "Select or Show a Menu Item," the Menu displayed in the pulldown list within the Action shows a different menu hierarchy than what now appears in Music.

I tried a KM recording of my keystrokes, but it simply invoked the Action I'm referencing above.

I've attached a screenshot showing the difference in what appears for the View menu in Music, and in the KM dropdown menu for Music.

Any suggestions about how to get a keystroke to select "as Songs" from the Music menu "View?"


That is weird but have you tried setting the menu info from the actions drop down list and executing it that way to see if it works??

EDIT: Just got home and verified that I am able to get Music to change the view to "as Songs" using the Select menu action below:

Select or Show a Menu Item.kmmacros (2.0 KB)

Macro screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

**cdthomer, thanks for the suggestion.

**I selected "Try Action" and it didn't work.

After just a little more troubleshooting, I realized that - er, uh, the macro was disabled.

Thanks anyway for your help. The macro is now working as expected...


Haha man I know how that goes, trust me.

Glad it was a simple fix! :grin: