Apple Music Play Counts Can Be Inconsistent With Last Date Track Played This Corrects It

I've found Apple Music can get into an inconsistent state. This corrects that state

-- This script looks for an inconsistent state and fixes it
-- Select a set of tracks in Apple Music.  Then this script iterates over the selected tracks
-- If the play count is 0, but the last played date exists, then set the play count to 1
-- I suppose you could also do the opposite: if the play count is not zero, but 
-- 	last played date is missing, you could set it.
-- I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.
-- Author Ike Nassi (
-- Date 2022-12-26

tell application "Music"
	set tunesList to selection
	if length of tunesList is 0 then
		display dialog "List is empty"
	end if
	set changesMade to false
	repeat with aTune in tunesList
		-- display dialog "Name that tune: " & name of aTune
		if (played count of aTune is 0) then
			-- display dialog "Played Date of " & name of aTune & " is " & (played date of aTune)
			if (played date of aTune) is not missing value then
				display dialog "Played Date of " & name of aTune & "is empty, so set to 1"
				set played count of aTune to 1
				set changesMade to true
			end if
		end if
	end repeat
	if changesMade then
		display dialog "Changes made"
		display dialog "No changes necessary"
	end if
end tell
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