Apple Music Song Data

Hi, newby here. I have a KM script that grabs the current playing song title and artist name. I cannot find a variable for song date.

I know I can use the get info command in Apple Music to display the track info window, but I assume I need to use named clipboards to set each piece of information into its own clipboard location and then call each named clipboard to insert the data I want. That's where I'm not getting it.

Could someone explain to me or point me to an example of how to extract Apple Music info.


The track object in the osascript (AppleScript / JavaScript) interface to has two properties that sound close your your 'song date':

  • release date
  • year

So, for example (year value for first selected item)




(() => {
    "use strict";

        music = Application("Music"),
        track = music.selection()[0];

    return ["name", "composer", "year"].reduce(
        (accumulator, keyName) =>