“Apple Notes Export to Bear” Macro



Apple Notes Export to Bear” Macro

Includes Title, headings, links, text format, lists, images, and even files. :grinning:

Apple Notes Export to Bear.kmmacros (20.3 KB)

How to use:

Set Notes’ Preferences to Sort notes by: Date Edited or by: Date Created

  1. Close all other apps and do not use your Mac while this macro is running.
  2. Open Notes and select a folder (or all folders for all in one tag import).
  3. Run this macro from Keyboard Maestro’s status menu
  4. Set Bear tag at prompt with folder name (or whatever).

Repeat for each of Notes’ foldes you like to export/import to Bear
Macro can be interrupted by holding down the ⌘ key for two seconds or so.

See also: Bear Power Pack


  • It uses copy/paste as rich text and will take some time to complete.
    (maybe 20-60 notes/minute depending on number/size of images/files in notes)
  • Make sure you are NOT inside Notes’ Recently Deleted-folder when starting.
    (macro not able to exit this folder! ;(
  • Ordered lists starts at 0. and need to be changed to 1. manually.
    Only need to change first item, the rest will then be automatically numbered by Bear :slight_smile:
  • Notes’ Title and Heading becomes H2 and Monospaced style becomes H3 in Bear



I have made the update to the macro in my own download to adjust for the changes in the Menu for import. However, the folders will not import and I get this message:

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.