Apple Remote V3 or other remote control able to talk to Keyboard Maestro?


I would like to control Google Chrome for example to play and pause on my tv watching Netflix etcetera.

Also other functions.

May the Apple Remote V3 or other remote control "talk" to Keyboard Maestro?


Short answer: No.

How do you manually use Chrome in this manner?


I just use a keyboard the space bar to pause and play. But would prefer an infra red remote control to program other things like changing the "channel" or from Netflix to Hbo etcetera + other things.

Something like this:

More info in the remote control here.


AFAIK, modern Macs do NOT have a built-in IR receiver.
Of course they do have a Bluetooth transceiver. But you would need some software on the Mac that would respond to Bluetooth for a Bluetooth remote. Don't know of any of those.
The link you provided didn't really provide any info on how to use the remote with a Mac.

It may be possible, but I think you will have to do some research outside of this forum.


Some of these remote controls do ship with a USB IR reciever.

Maybe Apple Tv would solve this as it can be remotely controlled, but I am uncertain if it is possible to view different channels through Apple Tv or how it works. I would have to check.