Apple script to set dual monitors to specific brightness levels

I have a dual monitor setup with a 5K iMac and an Apple Cinema Display. I’ve just used Datacolor’s Spyder4Elite to calibrate each monitor for my print workflow, and part of the calibration process required that I configure the brightness levels of each monitor.

While I know that my newly calibrated monitor setup will allow me to edit images that as closely as possible resemble what will come out of my printer, for things like browsing the web or watch a video I find the calibration profiles slightly dark.

I’d like to know if there’s a script I can use with KM to automatically set each monitor in my dual monitor configuration to the exact brightness level that should be used for my calibration profiles. This would allow me to jack up the brightness to whatever I want when browsing the web or watching a video, then I could simply hit a hotkey and put the brightness settings of both monitors back to where they should be when I’m editing/printing images?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!