Applescript Build bug with Dropbox Sync

Setup: Two Macs (iMac 5k and MBPr) both running KM, with a common library file stored in Dropbox and synced across both machines.

Observed behavior: Selecting a macro in KM while in edit mode that contains Applescript that will not build in script editor causes KM to become completely unresponsive.

Problem: If I create a macro on one machine (using script editor to build / debug Applescript before pasting into KM so it doesn’t freeze), then open KM on the other machine, and select that new macro, KM freezes on machine #2 (even though Applescript built find on Machine #1). Copying raw Applescript from Machine #1 and pasting into Script Editor on machine #2 works fine, and the Applescript builds without error.

Thoughts: It seems like whatever engine is used to build / compile an Applescript in the KM editor is causing KM to hang and become unresponsive whenever a macro comes into focus in KM editor. I can consistently reproduce this behavior, and it doesn’t matter which of the two machines the macro was created on–the other machine will immediately freeze once that macro containing Applescript is selected on the other machine. BUT if I don’t open the KM editor and just run the new macro on machine #2, it runs fine. It is only if I try to view/edit the macro in KM that it freezes the KM interface (but NOT the KM engine process)

Has anyone else noticed this and/or have any suggestions? Please let me know if more information is needed or my post is unclear about the issue. Thanks to anyone who can help.

I have not seen this behavior, and I develop a lot of KM macros using AppleScript.
I also have multiple Macs that sync with KM via DropBox.

However, I take care to not be editing KM on both Macs at the same time.
I wonder if this could be a contributor to your issue?

It’s not something I’ve seen or heard of.

Keyboard Maestro compiles (for display) and executes scripts using a subprocess, either osascript or an included tool which compiles the script.

When Keyboard Maestro freezes, get a sample (using Activity Monitor) of Keyboard Maestro and any other process that is using a high amount of CPU and email them to

Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t have the scripts open for editing on more than one machine simultaneously, but the behavior does happen on both machines when I am editing a script composed on the other machine. I went through and moved all my AppleScripts to separate script files and am calling them that way rather than embedding the scripts in KM. When I do that, the issue goes away. The issue also doesn’t occur with shell scripts embedded in KM - seems to only have to do with the AppleScript compiler being unable to complete on embedded KM scripts.

If anyone else has this issue, moving the scripts to an external file solved it for me. Thanks to others for the suggestions!

I am having a very similar problem. The only difference is that I am trying to edit on the SAME machine. I just added an AppleScript to this macro. After that, I could no longer edit it.

The odd thing is that I went to a machine where I had not previously edited the macro and I was able to open it.

When I edited the macro on the second machine and deleted the AppleScript action, I was once again able to open the macro on the original machine.

Please do this if you experience any freezes in Keyboard Maestro or Keyboard Maestro Engine.