AppleScript -> Slack Sending Errors

Hi All,
I'm a relative newbie to KM and know very little about AppleScript - but I borrowed a step from the 'Slack actions' script and it sends me an error message every time so I'm wondering if anyone can help:
The existing script is:

set Workspace to "Name of workspace"

set channel to "@Abegail"

tell application "Slack"


message in channel

Abegail in Workspace

Name-of-workspace with text

"New blog or email uploaded"

end tell

I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious, or if it is a Slack issue.
Thank you.

Does the Slack client have an AppleScript dictionary ?

The script you show would be more legible between lines with triple backticks:


Code here ..


but it doesn't immediately resemble the expected form of an AppleScript script.

There seems to be some discussion of automating the Slack client here:

Slack has only the Standard AppleScript suite.

The library in question is just a wrapper for UI-Scripting.


Hey @debra,

Welcome to the forum!   :smile:

I've never heard of the Slack Actions Script. Where does one find such an animal?