AppleScript to create HTML file recording Safari windows and tabs

I am releasing this prematurely. I’ve had it working for a while, but I didn’t want to release it until I had the reverse script to take a file produced by this script and restore all the windows and tabs to the way they were. (I have that script, but it’s not ready for release.)

It’s a lightly edited version of an ancient script I wrote. It works well enough.

[script to come]

Is it some sort of compiled script? It would not open in Script Editor for me. Please repost the actual script. I’ll remove the download link for the moment since it does not appear to work correctly.

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Thank you for giving the script a try.Sorry, yes, it was compiled, in Script Debugger. Forgot to switch to AppleScript. Try this.
Record Tabs of the Windows in HTML (226.2 KB)

Mitch, I commented out the leading paragraphs explaining what it does and have attached a copy in case you'd like to use it as your distribution file. Great script. You may also want to add attribution to it as well. I would have done that for you as well but that's kind of a personal thing. :wink:

Record Tabs of the Windows in HTML (226.2 KB)

This is great I use SafariRestore but I think I may start using this from now on. You'll find SafariRestore on this page:
You will have to click on the green circled arrow to reveal it in the additional apps section.

Thanks. Major update and complementary Restore script coming soon…