Application Palette does not stay put in multi monitor setting

I have the application palette in the 2nd monitor (of a 3 monitor settings) and every time the machine wakes up from sleep, the application pallets will go to the main monitor, same position i.e. below the Apple logo. Is this a bug or is there a way to make it stay in the second monitor?


My guess is that when the Mac is waking, the second monitor is not initially available and so Keyboard Maestro is moving it “on to the screen”. And then shortly after that the monitor appears but Keyboard Maestro does not move it back on to the second monitor.

I'm not sure there is much I will be able to do about that if that is the case.

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Hmm, you are right.
I have a macro that move applications to that monitor. Can I move the application palette in the same way? Is application palette considered as a "window"?

You can by using AppleScript and the Execute an AppleScript action, something like:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
	set win to window "Applications"
	properties of win
	-- set bounds of win to {0, 882, 126, 1376}
	set b to bounds of win
	set w to (item 3 of b) - (item 1 of b)
	set h to (item 4 of b) - (item 2 of b)
	set bounds of win to {200, 1000 - h, 200 + w, 1000}
end tell

Thank you, Peter!

I thought this was a good article on getting the coordinates of an extended display by John Gruber

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