Application Specfic Macros

I can’t seem to find the answer to this. I want to have a set of macros in specific applications but NOT have those macros run in other apps. The macros I find in KM seem to all loop or run continuously by design (an element that makes little sense in most of my work).

Can a make macros function in specific apps and use the same trigger in a different app to do something else?

If so, is there a way to simply move or adjust current macros to work that way or do I need to re-create the macros from scratch?


Never mind. Found it. Groups.

The answer is yes to both your questions. When you create a macro group (in the left column) you are given the choice (in the right column) of “Available in the following applications”: all, certain specified, or all but certain specified.

A hot-key trigger can mean different things in different groups. If you inadvertently create an overlapping trigger, you’ll get a conflict palette that lets you pick the macro you want for the application you’re in

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Thank you.

Do you have a screen shot as i can find this. All i see is this

After selecting this application you can't trigger when you want to start KM to start.

See below for image

  1. Click on plus to create a new group
  2. Go to the selector to limit the applications the group will work in
  3. Macros created in the group will only work in the application(s) specified in step 2


Read the Quick Start (menu Help ➤ Quick Start).

  • If you want to make any changes, use the Editor.
  • If you want anything to work, make sure the Engine is running.
  • If you want to control when a Macro is active, configure the Macro Group.
  • If you want to control when a Macro is executed, configure its Triggers.
  • If you want to control what a Macro does, configure its Actions.

In this case, you want to control when a Macro is active, so you control that by configuring the Macro Group as @rolian so eloquently demonstrated.

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Thank you soo much for this. worked like a charm :slight_smile: