Application specific palette

Can someone please help with my confusion?

I want a palette of macros to appear when I go to a specific application - Mail, for example.

I have a group of Mail related macros and wrote a Macro that is triggered when Mail activates and has the action "show palette of macros" with my Mail group selected as the option.

When I go to Mail the palette appears with the macros but it shows as a conflict palette (Identified as such because I changed the style of the various palettes).

Why is this happening and what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks.

That's happening because you're using a macro with the Show Palette of Macros action, which specifically calls a conflict palette. What you want is to set up the Mail macro group itself with a palette, like this:


Easy when you know how, isn't it. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much, it is now working as I wanted.


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