Application Switcher – 2 Monitors / Fullscreen App Issue

This is a longshot but it's worth tossing out there for the KM gods...

I have a game in fullscreen that I use often (ddnet) and two monitors. If I open KM's application switcher and select an app thats on my left monitor, my mouse gets stuck in the fullscreen app. This doesn't happen with the built-in cmd+tab application switcher for macos. This does however happen with the alt+tab mac app which is just another application switcher. I'm willing to believe it's just the game's fault, but there's no way the game devs will edit their code to be compatible with a 3rd party mac app :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: so I figured I'd ask here. Maybe there is some setting I'm missing or something.

KM 9.2 (sorry not on the latest one, my serial doesn't work for it)
macOS 11.15

If somebody wants to test if this works with KM 10, I'd gladly pay again if it did.

Thanks :grinning: