Application Switcher quit immediately

In Application Switcher, you can mark applications to quit (or hide, launch). Can you have that done immediately. That is, not mark to quit, but quit immediately, while application launcher is still shown? Thank you.

That's an interesting idea. But are you asking for additional keys to be added to do those things, or are you asking for the existing keys to be redefined to do what you want?

I didn't know about this feature until you mentioned it, (thanks for mentioning it) but I probably won't use it, because it requires three hands to use effectively: (a) one hand to hold down CMD-TAB (b) one hand to move the mouse over the correct icon, and (c) a third hand to press the keys to act on the apps.

Thanks for your reply. I had not thought as to implementation. I often quit single applications, not multiple ones one at a time. Application Switcher is a very nice to use in general and for that purpose as well, that is, to quite an application. For doing this, it was the idea of saving a few keystrokes. Activate Application Switcher - Select App - (some key) to Quit. But, in this scenario, Application Switcher remains open to use for some other aspect of its functionality.

You could set Application Switcher to a different hot key, maybe ⌥⇥, then use ⌘⇥ for insta-quitting apps (the OS switcher behaves the way you want) and ⌥⇥ when you want Application Switcher's options.

You don't need the mouse, as the KM switcher works just like the the macOS switcher: Press and hold Command, press and release Tab, then while holding Command down, press and release Tab to move from icon to icon—no mouse required. Tab to the app you want to quit, press Q.


...or use the arrow keys if in "Grid" layout.

Yea, but that takes an extra hand :).


Thank you Airy, Nige_S, and griffman for your ideas and discussion here. Thank you!