Applications Palette in version 8.2 suggestion

I am glad I can create user defined applications palette in 8.2. I can set a hotkey to toggle the palette too. One hotkey suggestion:

The hotkey can be down and released. Currently, I can only pressed hotkey.
For exmaple:
F12 key is down and holding: show the palette under the mouse
F12 is released: hide the palette

This method is a nice way to show palette on the fly, no need pressing F12 twice to toggle state.

It is even better to use a multiple button mouse, for example mouse button 4, as the special hotkey.

I know this will be hard to drag files into applications, but I only want an applicaiton launcher.

While it's true that you can't (currently?) make a "hold key/button to show palette, release to hide palette" setup within a macro group directly, it is possible to do so with a macro:

Show App Palette on Key Press, Hide on Release.kmmacros (2.3 KB)
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Super useful macro, thank you very much.

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