Applications Palette Open But Not Float Over Other Windows


I really like some of my palettes always open and always floating frontwards above any open windows, but I would like the Applications Palette to also always be open but not float over open windows.

Is this possible?

I used "shrink" for awhile, but I would like this better I think.


No. Palettes all float.

Hi, @NRKorsakov. The next best thing might be to use a macro shared by @noisneil to create a macro that will display a palette. The created macro could be assigned a hot key. When pressed, the palette will be displayed. If any of the palette items are clicked, the macro will run and the palette will close.

Show a Palette of Macros - Auto-Create and Populate

Hi thanks for that!

I am going to try that.

It sounds pretty slick!

Peter maybe in the future? My DAW lets you have the choice between floating and not floating for certain windows like transport-controls and bar-beat/time display, which is really handy.

The Applications Palette is terrific, but I like it to be large with my aging eyes, so I only need to see the first few letters of the name of the app, but then of course it gets in the way of other stuff and "precious screen space".

Thanks again to both of you!

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Hi _jims!

This is really cool.

I might like it better actually than my original idea!

Thanks again!

Are you aware that you can show/hide this palette with a shortcut if it gets in the way? Another way to make it smaller is to "shrink" it.