Apply style to clipboard not working in Evernote (Yosemite)

I’ve been using a short macro to format headers in text. It selects the line where the cursor is, copies it to a named clipboard, applies a style to the clipboard then pastes it back where it came from. This has been working pretty much everywhere but I’ve just found it not working in Evernote - the app, not the page - it just pastes “no text in clipboard”. I’ve tried using default clipboard, using the Keyboard Maestro copy/paste to clipboard and using typed keystrokes to copy paste but still, not working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've found a fix, here on this forum. The trick is to use a short Applescript to tell Evernote to do the cut and paste, place the resulting clipboard into a KM variable and away you go.

There's a possible caveat, see my reply to the fix in the post, here:

For another approach for applying styles in Evernote see this other macro. I haven't used it yet, but it just clicks the Evernote buttons.