"Arrow Down" and "Arrow Up" keys scroll very slowly after macOS update

The re-install of macOS 12.6.4 + Safari 15.6.1 seems to have worked! I'm scrolling correctly now.

One good outcome is that I know a lot more about Keyboard Maestro now, thanks for your help.

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Follow-up: Software Update told me there was a new version of Safari: 16.4.

I installed it, and the slow scrolling with Maestro'd arrow keys returned. Sigh.

But re-installing macOS 12.6.4 again solved it by restoring Safari 15.6.1.

Now I'm extra-wary of Safari updates....

Sigh, after installing today's macOS 12.6.6 update to my m1 Mac Mini, scrolling is once again slow as molasses.

Reinstalling macOS 12.6.6 again fixed it.

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The slow-scrolling problem has returned. It turned out to be a problem with Safari 16.5. I can scroll up and down at normal speed in all other browsers and apps, but it's molasses in Safari 16.5.

Once again, if the cursor is in the address bar, scrolling is at normal speed. WTF?

Looks like it's a problem in Safari 16.5's new "Smooth Scrolling" feature.

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