Ask Once and append the same text

Created my first from scratch macro today - with the help of this forum. It works just asI had hoped.

I think there is a tweak to make it more efficient.

Right now, I select x files and run macro from the menu. It asks me for the text to append x times - one for each file. Not so bad when just doing one file, but sometimes I want to select dozens.

What I would like is for the macro to just ask me for my CollectionName once and append it to all the selected files?

Thanks for all your help.

p.s. first time using the share function to this forum - how cool is that?!

Rename & File EB Ackn.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

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Opps - I see that I was trying something with the macro and put in a token in the Prompt. That shouldn't be there. I took it out but didn't do a new screenshot.

Hi Kayle,

Fortunately, this is a very easy fix. All you have to do is move the "Prompt for User Input" action out of the "For Each" action, so that it isn't repeated with every file in your selection:


Ahh - Of Course - Thanks Gabe. I figured it must be an easy fix.

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