Assign Image to Variable For Found Image Action

One problem I frequently run into with macros that look for images is that they usually break when I update the OS. This is because the icons and so on typically change with the updates. One macro might look for the lightbulb image 5 times. When the OS is updated, I have to go find those 5 images and replace each one with the new updated lightbulb image. I wonder how others deal with this. I thought if I could save the image in a macro to a variable and put that at the beginning of the macro, then I could just replace that image once. Is there any way to do this or perhaps a better way to solve this problem?

1.- copy image to clipboard
2.- Open KM Preferences > Clipboard
3.- Paste the image in there and assign it a name, ie "Clipboard 4"

Now you can refer to it when using Click Found Image

Edit: As Martin mentioned, for changes down the line, you only need to Paste the new image in this clipboard, and it will be reflected in all your macros automatically.


Case One:

This is a macro I'm using:

  1. Save the image to a local folder. Use Pause until to find the image.
  2. Set a variable to the token %FoundImage%
  3. Then use Mouse Click to click the place relative to the image center (Local__image.MidX / Y means the center of the image).

See token:FoundImage [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] for the %FoundImage% token.

Case Two:

If you always click the center of the image, and you repeatedly use this action, then you can create a sub-macro to do it. I have the following actions in a macro named "Click at Found Image"

Then I can use an action like this:

Edit: to answer your question, you only need to replace the image (with the same name and in the same folder) when you need to find and click a new image.

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Martin, I think I like case 1 you mentioned. I'll try it out. Thank you.