Assigning Favored Finder Tags slightly quicker

Found this: "Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to tag files quickly—select a file, then use Control-1 through Control-7 to add (or remove) your favorite tags. Control-0 (zero) removes all tags from a file." here:

While KM has far more options for managing tags, I notice for the first seven tags set as "favorite" tags, that toggling the tag on and off is a bit quicker using the type a keystroke action and Control 1 through 7 than using the set tags (toggle) action.

Also, the order of the assigned tag is different with the two method. Using the Control+ number key via a type a keystroke action places the tag before an existing tag while using the set tags (toggle) action places the tag after an existing tag. This will change the tagged item's sort order if you are sorting by tags.

The Control-0 to remove all tags is simply elegant.

While a fairly limited use case, this might be useful.


Thanks for sharing. I moved your post to the "Tips" section.

Here's another set of tips about tags that some may find helpful.
Mac and iOS: How to unlock productivity using tags | Computerworld

I make extensive use of file tags with all of my coding scripting files. I have found the Finder Spotlight search using tags, text in the file name, and text in the file to be very effective.

Thanks, nice article on tags.

In addition to tagging to find items I’m enjoying using tags to sort what items need actions and organize priorities within those actions.

With just five tags for NOW, WAITING ON, NEXT, TOP OF LIST (TOL), and NOT NOW I can centralize and manage all my things to do and handle no matter where or what form they come in.