Assigning hot key triggers exclusively to keys on a Bluetooth number pad

I recently purchased a Bluetooth number pad that has a several buttons found on my regular keyboard (in addition to the numbers), e.g. esc, delete, home, tab, etc. What I would like to be able to do is assign these non-number buttons on the number pad to hot key triggers without KM also executing those same macros when buttons with the same names are pressed on my regular keyboard. For example, I’d like to assign a hot key trigger to the “tab” button on the Bluetooth number pad without that same macro executing when I hit “tab” on my USB keyboard. Is it possible to do this?
Thanks in advance!
Brent R

Unlikely, but you will just need to try it and see.
First see if KM will recognize the bluetooth button using the USB Device Key trigger. If it does, then assign it, and test using both keys.

Indeed it does! Just tested it with the tab key on both devices and it appears to work fine. Even though this is a Bluetooth device and not USB, the USB Device Key Trigger recognizes the keypad. Thanks for the tip!

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That is good, but the USB Device Key trigger will not swallow the keystroke, so you will trigger the macro, but the Tab will also be handled by that current application.

See the wiki: Can I use a second keyboard solely to trigger macros?