"At System Wake" trigger doesn't work with Hot Corners used to put system to Sleep

Goal: Check the Wi-Fi network name when my MacBook Air (w/Big Sur, 11.1) wakes from sleep.

Problem1 : I have a simple KM macro to do this, and it works if I choose Sleep from the Apple menu. But if I use the Hot Corner that puts the Mac to sleep it doesn't work. (Hot Corners: See System Prefs>Desktop & Screen Saver>Hot Corners button)

Problem 2: The macro I'm writing will do Speak Text properly when the system wakes with the wrong Wi-Fi network, but Display Text Briefly doesn't work, and it doesn't matter how I put it to sleep.

thanks -- hs

Here's a screen grab of the macro:

Were you able to solve for this?

No, I should try it again, but I moved on to other problems. Thanks for asking.

— hs

Thanks for the reply.

I did something along these lines.

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 7.43.48 PM